Cornwall Gardens Walk - Information for contractors and subcontractors

Please find below information for contractors and subcontractors in relation to 12 Cornwall Gardens Walk, SW7 4BJ during work conducted on-site by Silver Bricks London Limited. All care has been taken to make all information explicit and unambiguous, but if any uncertainty remains, then please call the contracts manager or office manager as shown below.

Key contacts:

Contract Manager – Damian Blaszczak, 07523 530882
Site Manager – Lukas Noskowicz, 07590 922970
Office Manager – Andrew Shearer, 07896 315625

Scope of Works

Work is to begin at 12 Cornwall Gardens Walk on 14/10/19, with a schedule of works lasting sub-12 weeks. Working hours are between 8 am and 5.30pm Monday-Friday, and 8 am to 1pm on Saturday. No work to be undertaken on Sundays. All work to be completed in conjunction with PP/19/02671, as found at

Vehicle Access

Cornwall Gardens Walk is dead-end, with number 12 situated at the end of the road. Because of this, and the size of the road itself, no vehicles larger than 13 tonnes will be used at any stage of the building process. This information will be noted to all delivery companies, and assurances will be received that all companies will comply. Large vans can access the site, with two vans being able to pass comfortably side by side. There is space for vans to turn, so no vehicle will need to reverse out.

Access is from Gloucester road, with vehicles turning onto Cornwall Gardens, and then onto Cornwall Gardens Walk.,+Kensington,+London/@51.4966684,-0.190393,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x48760ff59c6f79a3:0xb2c3012e794dc396!8m2!3d51.4967669!4d-0.1890519

The full address for those using satellite navigation is 12 Cornwall Gardens Walk, Kensington, SW7 4BJ.
If directions are not clear, then please contact Andrew Shearer, as above, for a personalised map.

Delivery Times

Due to the nature of access, all deliveries are to be assigned a specific timeslot. Each delivery will be allocated a two hour timeslot, in order to ensure sufficient time for unloading, while also allowing for contingency.

All delivery times are to fall between 9.30 and 4.30, to ensure that rush hour traffic is missed and all unloading is completed with the ascribed working hours. There will be no overlapping deliveries and regular communication between the driver and the site manager is required for progress reports. RBKC bin collection occurs on Mondays and Thursdays – this will be considered when delivery slots are arranged.

Delivery times are to be agreed between the delivery company and the office manager.


There are two parking bays on Cornwall Gardens Walk for any site visitors, with more spaces being found on Cornwall Gardens. Silver Bricks encourages all visitors to consider the environment, and as such we provide secure space for bicycles for those who wish to cycle. There are also good public transport links, and personalised route maps can be provided upon request. Silver Bricks London Limited are a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, and takes every opportunity to align themselves with and promote these values. An overview of the scheme and the values extolled can be found at

All visitors are required to sign in and out, and undergo a proportionate and relevant site induction. The is spare health and safety equipment available on site, but all visitors are encouraged to bring their own.


If the event of uncertainty, please call the office manager as detailed above.
Silver Bricks London Limited reserve the right to change any aspect of the above at any time, but will only do so in the case of necessity and will inform all parties of any and all changes.