Queens Park

Brondesbury Road

A great new project for Silver Bricks! Located only a stone’s throw from the tranquil Queen’s Park, we have been asked to convert and extend this historic townhouse. Currently containing four bedrooms, three reception rooms and a stand-alone studio, Silver Bricks will work to create four fantastic units, along with provisions for car parking, bins and cycle storage.

We will need to extend the existing basement, reposition the front and rear lightwells and extend the ground floor to allow for the creation of the three-bedroom units. The two-bedroom units will require enlargement of existing dormer windows, a new roof light fitting, and alterations to the existing fenestration.

Given the beauty and history of Queen’s Park, all of the units created will be high end, with marble-finished bathrooms, bespoke kitchens, and the creation of a landscaped surrounding to complete the picture.

Silver Bricks are incredibly excited to showcase all of our talents in one job, and every member of our team is keen to get started!

Property Information