East Heath Road

A large flat in an exclusive area of Hampstead, the owner is looking for a complete renovation of all 5,000 sq ft. We have undertaken the initial strip out quickly, and are now about to start the structural works, including the removal of walls, creating new doorways and closing off existing space to create more rooms.

This flat is located on one of the higher floors, which has made access difficult; narrow communal stairways mean that building materials can’t easily be carried up, and building waste is difficult to remove. Our team has got around these problems by coming up with an ingenious solution; all material access to the site is through the main bedroom window. We have carefully removed the existing glass and frame, and used a mechanical platform to bring items up and down the side of the building.

Solutions like this show why Silver Bricks is leading the way in property development. Whatever the challenge, we can solve it quickly, easily and professionally.

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