Hibernia Road

Another property designated for rental purposes, our clients have given us a tight timeframe to renovate this tired four story building. In just 12 weeks we will create new rooms, rewire and replumb, replace the flooring, install new staircases, repaint everything, and install 12 new kitchens and 6 new bathrooms! External refurbishments will also need to take place, and in previously unloved buildings such as this we know that there will be many hidden problems that we also need to resolve.

Despite the large amount of work, we know that our team will meet all expectations. We always work efficiently, and know how to successfully capitalise on economies of scale. We have also assisted in this development of this project through significant consultation and have suggested many money and time saving ideas that our client has taken on board.

Although the end use will be different from that of our luxury developments, we dedicate the same amount of time and effort to these types of projects.

Property Information