Our first project outside of London and the Home Counties, Silver Bricks were asked to assist with an extremely technical and complicated job. The client had been searching for months for a building team with the values that he aligned himself with; impressed with our open-book policy, our dedication to detail and our technical expertise, Silver Bricks were the only team for the job.

We were asked to create a multi-level garden area, complete with a range of tiled areas, ponds, bespoke fire pits, and a decorative grass mound. Everything here had been lovingly designed by the client, so we have worked closely together to ensure that every idea could become a reality. We also assisted with ensuring the design remains practical, allowing for their vision to incorporate sustainability and longevity.

We are particularly pleased that our reputation for quality and integrity is expanding ever outwards, and we know that the Silver Bricks’ team proves their skills and expertise time and time again regardless of where they operate.

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