Maida Vale

Sutherland Avenue

Naturally light and airy, we created the perfect space for those who love the finer things in life. Starting with a completely derelict and uninhabitable maisonette, our team stripped the property back to the brick walls and floor joists, creating a blank canvas on which to work. By undertaking significant structural work and altering the layout, we created an open and modern living area, providing continuous movement between rooms.

Subtle luxury features allowed each area to retain its defining characteristics, none more so than the kitchen which was completely built by our in-house team, including a bespoke handcrafted Corian wrap over island unit on which we placed the hob. Natural wood balanced with modern finish, and an integrated Sonos lighting system ensures elegance, while underfloor heating provides an extra level of comfort. A prime example of Silver Bricks doing what we do best.

Property Information